Why would anyone buy a digital edition instead of a print?

Users are provided with unlimited access to e-newspapers, e-magazines and e-books, all in one place.

Take digital editions with you on trips without burdening your luggage. Read them even when you don't have an internet connection.

Finished reading a magazine? Why would old issues of magazines take up space in your room when you have unlimited access to the entire archive of your favorite magazine through our platform. Start being eco-friendly!

Digital editions arrive directly to your pocket library. No need to visit stores or bookshops.

Why would anyone buy a daily newspaper when publishers have their own information sites and applications?

All publishers make a living from selling printed publications. It is only later on after the print is being published that the web portals are updated with news and shortened teasers.

With us you can buy the complete edition at lower prices and before they are made available in print.

From our many years of experience, e-newspapers are the ones that are read the most.

What if there is a similar service in our region?

Publishers sell their printed versions of newspapers, magazines and books through different distribution channels - in various bookstores, shops, newsstands. It's the same with the digital format.

What makes our platform different from similar e-reading services is that we offer the possibility of reading e-magazines and e-newspapers and e-books in one place. All in one place!


What are the benefits for publishers?

The goal is for the service to have as many publishers as possible. The company's policy is not to charge publishers for the service while guaranteeing them a secure profit.
In this way, publishers are stimulated to be present on our platform.

Also, an additional distribution channel increases publisher visibility and raises their popularity among readers.


Why do mobile operators and ISPs work with us?

Our platform is ready for White Label, which means that we can adapt the service to the needs of our partners in a short period of time.

We have developed a complete strategy with publishers who are the bearers of the final content for Flat Sales.

We have the knowledge, technology and experience.

Opt for digital publishing and leave everything to us!

If you are interested in being a distributor of digital editions in your region and offering your users quality content at a fair price

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